Steven Birnbaum, M.D.

Radiologist, Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic, Manchester, NH

Steven Birnbaum is a general radiologist specializing in cross-sectional imaging, interventional radiology and breast imaging who has been in general, community practice since 1984 in southern New Hampshire. As a general radiologist, he saw first hand the rapid increase in the utilization of CT with the advent of helical, multidetector CT. In 2005, after his daughter was involved in a serious pedestrian accident, he then saw the potential dangers of profligate use of CT in a family member.

He was moved to action and began educating colleagues and referring providers to the potential dangers involved in unchecked radiation exposure, particularly to young patients. He devised a system for monitoring and limiting repeated CT exposure in younger patients in a community hospital setting with benign chronic conditions. Dr. Birnbaum has been the author of 4 single author papers on this topic, given over 50 lectures across the country on various aspects of radiation safety and was a member of the American College of Radiology Blue Ribbon Panel on Radiation Dose in Medicine which produced a White Paper on this topic in 2008. He is currently a staff radiologist at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dr. Birnbaum's Lectures

Radiation Safety in the ERA of Multidetector Helical CT

Select Publications

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