Sarabjeet Singh, MD, PhD

Lecturer of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Assistant to Research, Massachusetts General Hospital

Over the past 5 years, I have dedicated my time for exploring the existing concepts of radiation dose in CT. After graduating from my medical school in India, I joined the premier technical institute of Asia, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-Kharagpur, to further pursue my knowledge of medicine and physics. My research career on CT and radiation dose started under the guidance of Dr Mannudeep Kalra with efforts solely geared towards research in different aspects of CT radiation dose, scanning parameters and image quality. After having written 18 original research articles, 9 book chapters, 10 reviews articles and over 70 oral scientific session presentations on CT radiation dose, my interest in this field is growing everyday. In 2010, I was fortunate to work closely and directly with our department chief, member of Institute of Medicine and prolific educator, Dr James H. Thrall. I have learned, and constantly building up my knowledge from the leaders of radiology community in both research and education.

Dr. Singh's Lectures

Hybrid Partial Statistical Iterative Reconstruction: Potential and Limitations

Glossary of CT Scan Parameters: What They Mean and Don't Mean

Highlighted Publications

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