Robert G. Gould, ScD

Virtial Symposium Co-Chair

Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, University of California San Francisco

Dr. Gould is a Professor and Vice Chair of Radiology for Technology and Capital Projects at the University of California San Francisco. He is a member of the Department's Operations Committee, Safety Committee and Radiation Oversight Committee. He is a member of UCSF Campus Radiation Safety Committee and Radioactive Drug Research Committee. Additionally, Dr. Gould is a member of the Medical Center Radiation Protection Committee. By serving on these Committees, he has been involved in radiation safety issues within the Department of Radiology, the Medical Center and the UCSF Campus. Dr. Gould has been involved in efforts to monitor and minimize radiation exposure to personnel involved in the use and delivery of radiation in clinical and research environments and in efforts to monitor and minimize exposure to patients undergoing an imaging procedure. These efforts have included the development of guidelines and standards for radiation use and quality improvement projects designed to reduce patient dose. 

Dr. Gould is also the Director of the Department's Laboratory of Radiologic Informatics, which is responsible for the Department's PACS. In this capacity, he has helped implement methods for recording of patient dose. He is currently involved in a Department project to install a Decision Support system that could potentially decrease patient radiation exposure by reducing unnecessary procedures and providing the referring clinician with alternative imaging methods that do not use ionizing radiation.

Dr. Gould's Lectures

CT Dose Reporting and Tracking

Hardware Developments for CT Dose Reduction

Software Approaches for CT Dose Reduction

Breast and Thyroid Shielding During CT Imaging

Recent Publications

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