Richard Baron, MD

President and CEO, American Board of Internal Medicine and the ABIM Foundation

Before taking over leadership at ABIM, Dr. Baron served as Group Director of Seamless Care Models at the CMS Innovation Center, where he led efforts related to Accountable Care Organizations and Primary Care. Prior to his CMS appointment, Dr. Baron practiced general internal medicine and geriatrics at Greenhouse Internists, P.C, a market risk community-based primary care practice. Dr. Baron also served on the Board of the National Quality Forum as well as on the Standards Committee of NCQA. Additionally, Dr. Baron served as Chief Medical Officer of Health Partners, a non-profit Medicaid HMO set up by four teaching hospitals in Philadelphia. He is a Co-Chair of the Public Health - Health Care Collaboration Workgroup (PHHCC) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and a member of the Commonwealth Fund advisory group on Health Care Delivery System Reform. Dr. Baron received his medical degree from Yale University.

  1. Recent Publications

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