Matthew Brown, PhD

Professor and Director of the Center for Computer Vision and Imaging Biokarkers (CVIB), UCLA

Dr. Matthew Brown received his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales in his native Australia, then joined the UCLA Department of Radiological Sciences in 1996. He is currently a Professor and director of the UCLA Center for Computer Vision and Imaging Biomarkers. His research interests include computer vision in medicine and the development of quantitative imaging biomarkers.


Dr. Brown's Lectures

Computer-Assisted Decision Systems in Radiology- The Hope, the Hype, and the Hard Truth

Highlighted Publications

  1. Brown MS, McNitt-Gray MF, Pais R, Shah SK, Qing D, Da Costa I, Aberle DR, Goldin JG. CAD in Clinical Trials: Current Role and Architectural Requirements. Journal of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 2007; 31:332-337
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  3. Brown MS, Abtin F, Kim HJ, McNitt-Gray MF, Goldin JG. Imaging biomarkers for patient selection and treatment planning in emphysema. Imaging in Medicine 2010; 2(5): 565-573.
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  5. Brown MS, Chu GH, Kim HJ, Allen-Auerbach Poon CM, Bridges J, Vidovic A, Ramakrishna B, Ho J, Morris MJ, Larson SM, Scher HI and Goldin JG. Computer-aided quantitative bone scan assessment of prostate cancer treatment response, Nucl Med Commun. 2012 Apr;33(4):384-94