Mark Supanich, PhD

Diagnostic Medical Physicist, Department of Radiology

Henry Ford Health System

Mark Supanich is a Diagnostic Medical Physicist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. His research interests include CT radiation dose reduction and flat panel CT dose and image quality. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2009 and completed a residency in Diagnostic Medical Physics at Henry Ford Health System in 2011.

Dr. Supanich's Lectures

HFHS Clinical Initiatives to Reduce Patient Radiation Exposure, Co-presented with Safwan Halabi.

Highlighted Publications

  1. M. Supanich, H. Rowley, A. Turk, M. Speidel, K. Pulfer, J. Hsieh, G. Chen, and C. Mistretta, "An acquisition and image reconstruction scheme for reduced x-ray exposure dynamic 3D CTA M. Supanich" SPIE Conference Proceedings Vol. 6913, 691326, 2008. 
  2. M. Supanich, Y. Tao, B. Nett, K. Pulfer, J. Hsieh, P. Turski, C. Mistretta, H. Rowley, and G. Chen, "Radiation Dose Reduction in Time-Resolved CT Angiography Using Highly Constrained Back Projection Reconstruction" Phys. Med. Biol. Vol. 54, 4575–4593, 2009.