John MacKenzie, MD

Assistant Professor in Residence and Chief of Pediatric Radiology, UCSF

My work focuses on developing molecular imaging techniques for the detection and treatment monitoring of pediatric disease. My primary research focuses on how novel carbon-based imaging probes may depict molecular alterations in inflammatory disease, including inflammatory bowel and urinary disease. The development of sensitive, non-invasive imaging biomarkers for monitoring the treatment of patients with debilitating autoimmune diseases has the potential to transform the way we manage our patients. My long-term goal is to develop sensitive non-invasive imaging biomarkers to help guide the diagnosis and management of patients with autoimmune diseases and to bring new insights into understanding autoimmune disease through the lens of molecular imaging. 

For CT imaging of pediatric patients I study dose reduction strategies and how they affect image quality. This has led to several investigations in optimization of CT protocols and in testing new image reconstruction algorithms, such as model based iterative reconstruction, for improvements in image quality and dose optimization.

Dr. MacKenzie's Lectures

Ensuring the Most Accurate Imaging in Children

Highlighted Publications

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