G. Donald Frey, PhD

Associate Executive Director
American Board of Radiology

Professor of Radiology
Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Frey received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of South Carolina in 1970 and is board certified in Radiological Physics. A member of the MUSC faculty since 1971, Dr. Frey has been extensively involved in professional organizations including the European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Dr. Frey also has published over 100 abstracts and has had 32 publication in peer reviewed journals. He has published 11 books/book chapters. 

Dr. Frey served as 1st Lt ORD Corp in the US Army from 1965-1973.

Dr. Frey's Lectures

Maintenance of Certification: What Does the ABR Expect from Physicists