Colin J. Martin, MD

Head of the Health Physics Division, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Dr Colin Martin is Head of the Health Physics Division within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and an honorary senior lecturer at Glasgow University, Scotland, UK. He runs the Regional Radiation Protection and Diagnostic Radiology Physics Service for NHS hospitals in the West of Scotland (population 3 million). The staff of the Division comprise 12 physicists and 6 technologists, and undertake X-ray equipment testing and patient dose surveys for all X-ray facilities in the region. Physicists work with radiographers and radiologists in each hospital to optimise patient radiology protocols using local diagnostic reference levels. 

Dr Martin undertakes research in all aspects of radiation protection and diagnostic radiology physics and has published 220 scientific articles including over 100 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. He is a member of the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Radiological Protection and Radiation Protection Dosimetry. He has co-edited three text books; Practical Radiation Protection in Healthcare, Oxford University Press, published in September 2002, Medical Imaging and Radiation Protection for Medical Students and Clinical staff, British Institute of Radiology, published in November 2003, and Radiation Shielding in Diagnostic Radiology, BIR, published 2012. He has been a member of several ICRP Task Groups and IAEA committees, and undertakes missions relating to the education, training and development of optimisation in radiology for the IAEA in other continents.

Dr. Martin's Lectures

International Efforts Around CT Dose Monitoring and Standardization

CT Dose in Scotland

Highlighted Publications

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